We are happy to announce that the outcome completion process of PROMEnhance project is moving forward and we have already completed the external validation process of our first core outcome A2.2 “Analytical Report on Current and Innovative Practice of Territorial Development Professions included in Work Package 2. In total 50 professionals from more than 20 disciplines and backgrounds took part in the process representing in total all partner countries (Italy, Cyprus, Romania, Portugal and Greece).

To complete the report all partners of the PROMEnhance project gathered in total 10 case studies from 5 countries using a common data collection methodology which included a detailed description of the selected case study revealing why this case is selected and why it constitutes a successful example and to further elaborate on the qualitative aspects of the case study and the participatory processes followed within it, a series of interviews conducted; and all these data were analyzed and presented through the analytical report. According to professionals’ insights the analytical report has achieved to present in a comprehensive, well-structured way the key findings of the case studies through a meticulous and in-depth analysis.

In terms of its usefulness contributors mention that the report is considered to contribute to the professionalization at EU level, of participatory and innovative local development processes, an issue of critical importance especially when it comes to territorial planning.
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