The completion of the PROMEnhance project outcomes is growing rapidly and we have already completed WP2 main results which were successfully disseminated with a group of experts who participated in the validation process. In fact, the external validation process of the core outcome A2.3 “Competence Framework” included in Work Package 2 was successfully completed addressing in total 50 professionals from more than 20 disciplines and backgrounds representing in total all partner countries (Italy, Cyprus, Romania, Portugal and Greece).

The Competence Framework has been developed and enriched through focus group interviews conducted with participants involved in local participatory development initiatives aiming to ensure a comprehensive and informed approach to local participatory development. The framework encompasses various dimensions essential for fostering effective communication, collaboration, and empowerment within communities, and through nine-unit structure it presents a set of competencies, hard and soft skills required for successful participatory local development to be realized. Each competency area outlines specific skills and behaviors that contribute to successful local participatory development efforts.

According to professionals’ insights the framework has been achieved to present in a holistic and professional way the key competencies and skills and most of them declare themselves to be highly satisfied from the presented outcome (94%). They also support to a high degree that all necessary skills are included (88%), mentioning that a special reference to the necessary digital skills needs to be added.

According to their responses the framework seems to be a useful reference guide to be utilized in multiple ways, including training and educational activities, improve policy making and decision making, support the upskilling of community engagement professionals, recruiting community engagement professionals, as well as mentor several multi-disciplinary teams and individuals in understanding and applying community development theories effectively.

Overall, the framework serves as a valuable resource for competency development in the field of local development though inclusive, participatory practices.

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